Helping them excel!

Working together, we can help Our Sons and Daughters accomplish their academic goals.

The motto of Trinidad and Tobago

Together we Aspire,

Together we Achieve

We have added S.E.A's past papers from the years 2001 to 2019. to assist students in their preparation for their examinations. We would soon be adding CSEC...

Eggcellent Easter Box Sale, to aid students in need of school supplies and devices.

During this Covid19 period, many students are being left behind because they do not have school supplies or a device to be able to attend online classes.

This fundraiser would assist some of these students with what is needed. Each box costs $40.00 delivery within San Fernando. Call BettyAnn at @1-868-480-3445 or Rachael at 1-868-688-8779 to place your order.