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Our Sons and Daughters

Our Sons and Daughters website is a branch of Aspiring Minds T and T, whose aim is to provide historical and cultural information about Trinidad and Tobago, We are driven by our nation’s watchwords Discipline, Production, and Tolerance as put forward by our first Prime Minister Dr Eric Williams.


Our Mission

Is to engage people young and old, with our cultural and historical heritage, to improve access to culture and history education in Trinidad and Tobago. We envision sustainable development and a transformation of our society, through the study and understanding of our history, we can transform our society and gain a better understanding of our nation and our place and role as a citizen. Through our knowledge of our history, we shape how we define ourselves and our culture, as it influences how we interact in our multicultural nation. We want to help people especially our children and youth gain a deeper and fundamental knowledge of our nation’s past and to create an open-minded curious patriotic society.​


Through the information on our websites, we assist teachers, students, and schools by providing them with reliable easy-to-read, and high-quality resources and information online. We engage our visitors with information that is accurate engaging and exciting, that inspires them to learn more about our history, and culture and inspires them to become involved in a meaningful way in activities and community groups that promote history and culture. It is particularly important to understand, learn and participate in activities that promote historical and cultural awareness. Our cultural heritage is rich in diversity and to participate and learn about the cultures and activities that make up our diverse nation would only add to the love our our country and people.

Our Work

The Our Sons and Daughters Team's aim is to make history engaging and easily accessible, encouraging, and inspiring our online visitors to learn more and develop the desire to visit the historical sites and other places of interest. We recognize that we live in a digitally inclined, and digitally motivated society so we are making access to the information readily accessible online through our parent website and this website, we also would like to encourage our visitors to share their experiences in the comments as we know this would stimulate interest and desires in others.



We accept submissions to our database after they are reviewed to ensure that only quality content is published on our websites. Submissions can be sent to We are proud of the accomplishment of being online since 2016. The general history of Trinidad and Tobago is only the beginning, our goal is to create a database on every topic of history and culture within Trinidad and Tobago, that teachers and students, as well as the general population, can use.

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