Aspiring Minds Foundation Carnival Talent Showcase.

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Project Overview.

Aspiring Minds Foundation Carnival Talent Showcase 2022, the aim is to highlight the talent, and passion of the nation's children and youth. Yearly the children of Trinidad and Tobago perform in many areas of carnival adding to the richness of our culture and the arts, however, due to restrictions that are placed to protect them from Covid19 we have been challenged to find ways and means of encouraging them in the arts in a safe environment. This project will allow and encourage the participation of students throughout Trinidad and Tobago by performing a skit from our traditional carnival characters, an extempo, a calypso, or any other carnival related performance and submit a video to be posted on our website 

Goals and Strategy

To highlight the talents and contribution of the children and youth of Trinidad and Tobago, by providing a safe place for them to showcase their various talents and passions. A way to showcase the skills and talents of children and teens, and to provide an opportunity for the national community to support and encourage our children by way of liking and sharing their performance, which can give opportunities for young performers in the future.

Through the highlighting of the talents of the children and youth throughout Trinidad and Tobago, opportunities for them to meet and be mentored by professional artists or other persons who can assist them in furthering their passion. 

Participants to be able to highlight their respective schools, and for schools to be able to promote and encourage the love of culture and the arts within the school environment despite the challenges posed due to covid19.

For students to be encouraged to balance their love and passion for performing and the importance of being educated.

Submissions made through schools would receive special highlighting on our website with the goal to promote the school and encourage the student body and community. 

Alignment and Benefits

Aspiring Minds Foundation, our goal is to plan and implement programs, activities, and events that would promote the culture and history of Trinidad and Tobago, while engaging and encouraging participation of children and youth to develop and nurture the love of our history, culture, and of the nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Participants to this event are students from Primary to Secondary schools, who are our upcoming Calypso, Soca, Chutney Artists, our Midnight Robbers, Baby-doll, Burrokeet, Dame Lorraine, Fancy Indians, etc. Due to Covid19, our young performers are not allowed to perform in the traditional sense which has left them disenchanted and discouraged. This event would allow them a way to do what they do best and give the added encouragement of bragging rights in their respective schools which would be an additional incentive to improve the overall academic performance challenges faced by the school system from a cultural encouragement standpoint.

Participants would receive an incentive to encourage them to continue to perform and develop their craft. This in turn would be translated to a greater love of culture and investment in the stability and sustainability of the cultural and patriotic development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Tourists are naturally drawn to our islands, our people, our carnival, to showcase the natural love and talent of the children and youth of the nation through the performances that would be highlighted in this event, promises to give future visitors a taste of the future of carnival and would attract visits from tourists of a younger generation which would add to the sustainability of the Traditional arts and Culture of Trinidad and Tobago.


Update the Aspiring Minds Carnival Talent Showcase 2022 submission deadline date has been extended to the 29th April 2022.