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Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge

Updated: Aug 10

On the 1st August 2023, I had an amazing opportunity to visit the Blanchisseuse Spring (Suspension) Bridge with my family.

This engineering marvel and tourist attraction is in the small village of Blanchisseuse which is in the Northern Coast of Trinidad. Let me say that I am not a fan of bridges, I do not like to walk or drive over them, my overactive imagination does not help my fear of them, But, I did cross this bridge when I got there to the amusement of my children, and I am very happy that I did.

The drive to Blanchisseuse is truly a very long one, but the trees, the coolness of the air, the beautiful views, the drive is well worth it.

The Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge

was built about a century ago and was refurbished recently, however now is only used for foot traffic and as a tourist attraction. It was the second of its kind to be build in Trinidad and

Tobago (the first is in Moruga). A Bailey Bridge is now used for all Vehicular traffic in the area this bridge was built in around 2012, alongside the engineering marvel of the spring bridge.

Fun fact:

"The first modern Suspension Bridge is the Menai Bridge which is approximately 100 feet above water and spans 579 feet, this bridge was built between 1819 and 1826 between Wales and Anglesey in Great Britain, it was designed by a Scottish Civil engineer an Architect Thomas Telford.

Crossing the Bridge

As we walked on the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge, we could feel the swaying of the bridge, much to the enjoyment of my boys, as i was extremely anxious, my daughter was quite focused on the information about the bridge, that was being shared and asked many questions, and was delighted with the answers, even my fear of bridges reduced well at least for this particular Spring Bridge. My family and I highly recommend visiting this amazing landmark and tourist attraction.

Please share:

When you visit the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge please share your experiences and pictures in the comments don’t be shy.

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