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Fort Abercromby

My family's visit to the Fort Abercromby

Firstly, Fort Abercromby might not look like much when you arrive but as you make your way uphill, you would fall in love with the view, it is just gorgeous, a person who is afraid of heights (like myself) would still bask in the pure beauty of it. The water is a beautiful green just exquisite.

The story behind Fort Abercromby, is it was originally built in around 1797 by Sir Thomas Picton and cost 300pounds.

The British was being very concerned about the attacks from the French, and considering Las Cuevas Bay was a great landing place for ships, as they themselves landed there in the 1750’s when Trinidad was in the Spanish hands. They intended that Fort Abercromby would be a place of last defense in case the Port of Spain should be lost, they would retreat with their forces through St Joseph and over the mountains to Las Cuevas.

Fun fact: Fort was named in honor of Sir Ralph Abercromby, first Governor of Trinidad who conquered the island of Trinidad for the British in 1797.

In 1805 the Commanding Officer at the time seeing a large fleet anticipating defeat, he burnt the huts, spiked the guns, and retreated over the hills. The fleet turned out to be Lord Nelson, enroute to the Trafalgar. All that is left are 2 cannons, and a beautiful view.

The Fort is still a great place to visit because of its historical significance and gorgeous ocean view, the stairway that leads to a lookout gives an even more picturesque view of the surroundings. The deep clear pool is an amazing and popular fishing and snorkeling spot.

My boys had a go at the water, let us just say it is an experience they would both never forget, my daughter loved it because of the beauty of the surroundings.

Have a visit, and do not forget to share your experience.

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